Thank You WeScreenplay + Other News

Once again, we'd like to extend our thanks to the folks at WeScreenplay for their continued support of aspiring screenwriters, as well as for the opportunities they provide to those of us unhinged enough to pursue this kind of career path.  The Crossroads did not win this year's screenwriting contest, but it was a finalist and ranked in the Top 25.  Here's a quote from a judge's review of The Crossroads:

"The Crossroads is an exciting, twisting, and dark crime caper that grabs the reader's attention from start to finish. It does a nice job of creating a worthy adversary in Colden and a protagonist in Victor that is easy to root for.  We are on Victor's side from the start, and he is a very compelling character."

The good news is we are still in the running in several other contests, including the 14th Annual Filmmakers International Screenwriting Contest.  We'd also like to announce production of our first promotional video is complete, and we look forward to sharing that later this month.  As always, stay tuned by joining our mailing list!