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Who is the writer?

The Crossroads is written by Christopher Sommella, a musician and songwriter who decided the demise of the music industry was a good time to detour into something less soul-crushing—the movie business.

Who is the main character?

Our hero is Victor Santelli, a cocky and temperamental—but honest and idealistic—young police detective.  He’s a family man with a wife and two boys.  He’s been in Queens almost his whole life.  He is Queens— tough and durable, but also artistic; after all, he comes from a family of musicians.  Growing up in the time and place he did, there were generally two paths for your life—and they were on either side of the law.  Victor chose the academy and began to climb the NYPD ladder.  A successful undercover assignment in the mob results in a promotion and his choice of command, bringing us to where we are at the beginning of this story.  How will his short fuse and street-bred demeanor go over when he joins a unit of cops from the old guard?