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What is The Crossroads?

The Crossroads is an original feature film screenplay based on the true story of a well-publicized murder investigation that was nearly swept under the rug in 1980s New York City.

What is it about?

The simple answer is that it’s about a relentless detective who hunts down a violent killer—but we’ve all seen that before.  It’s really about choices—the choices we make to do right or do wrong when faced with grave circumstances.  Throughout the script, the main characters are faced with choices that will affect the lives, and possibly deaths, of strangers.  The heroes can give in to political pressure, or persevere and try to find the killer.  The victims can live in fear, or face their demons head on.  The killer can stop at any point and walk away, or he can continue on his dark path to attain the recognition he craves.  They’re all at The Crossroads.