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Shut out by his colleagues, a cocky young detective must tackle his first case on his own if he’s going to stop a headline-seeking killer before he can claim another victim.

“The French Connection meets Zodiac”

Synopsis:  Based on a true story, The Crossroads brings you into the life of a hot-headed and idealistic New York City police detective as he fights through false leads and copycat criminals in his hunt for a violent attacker preying on the women of Queens in the mid-1980s.  Formerly an undercover officer with little investigative experience, our protagonist struggles with his first case, finding himself at odds with the DA and homicide cops who stumble upon a convenient fall guy.  He must battle department politics and his own temperamental nature if he’s going to find this killer before the deadline set by City Hall expires.  A visceral crime thriller experience, The Crossroads puts you alongside this passionate crusader to experience his desperate search just as he does.  Over the course of the investigation he’s joined by a desk-bound cop thirsty for action and one brave and observant witness.  In a departure from similar stories, The Crossroads follows the parallel timeline of the dangerous and unhinged predator that lives a seemingly ordinary middle class life by day, while stalking the city’s streets by night.